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Présentation du recruteur

Contract type and nature: Educational engagement contract (CEE). All Saints' school holidays in 2023 are preferred. Description of the job: He/she will be in charge of leading a group of pre-adolescents (11-14 years old) or adolescents (14 to 17 years old) directly on site, in daily activities, in activity courses, or as part of a stay in lodging in the region, under the supervision of the Leisure Center Director.


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Adresse e-mail : sounderweaver@gmail.com

Site web : https://doodlebaseball.io/

Adresse postale : Pas d'adresse renseignée - Ile-de-France

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Accueil de loisirs, Accueil périscolaire

Modalités de recrutement

He or she will ensure that one of these groups and the activity projects undertaken run smoothly. Teamwork. Specific abilities include dynamism, availability, organizational sense, rapid adaptation, autonomy, and relational skills. Experience at a recreation center, internships, and/or visits with children and/or young adults are preferred. BAFA completed or in training, or equivalence (CAP early childhood, STAPS license, educational sciences). PSC1 was pleased. Tandem works in the Beaulieu Maladrerie Animation Center in CAEN.

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